About Aerotest®

Aerotest Limited, based in, Hertfordshire, England and the United Arab Emirates was founded in 1990 and celebrates over 25 successful years in business.

Consultants & Specialists Aero Engine Test Facilities, Ground Support Equipment & Support Services.

Aerotest has a proven record for both the military and the civilian aerospace markets worldwide. We’ve gained this exclusive expertise from working with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and operators.

Aerotest provides expert capabilities in developing concepts and detail designs for manufacture, project management and installation to commissioning and acceptance of Aero Engine, Aero Engine Accessories and Component related Test Cell/ facilities, test equipment, Ground Support equipment and support services.

“Where Quality and Experience Counts”

Aero Engine Test Cells / Facilities

Capabilities include:
  • Uninstalled Turbojet and Turbofan engines combined including aircraft run-up facilities.
  • Advanced open air Turboprop Mobile Engine Test System (METS) for QECU and Bare engine test configurations.
  • High-Speed Helicopter Engine Test Trollies and Facilities
  • Mobile Helicopter Engine Test Facilities.
  • High Speed Multi Engine Test Trolleys and Facilities
  • Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) Test cells/ facilities for every variant of Allied signal (Honeywell) APU.
  • Pre commissioned Universal Fuel Accessory components and Hydraulic Test Facilities.

Aerotest’s Test Cells / Facilities

Expertise currently provides for the following but is not limited to:
  • T56-A-15 QEC/ Bare Engine (C-130 Hercules)
  • AE2100D3 QEC (C-130J Hercules)
  • T56-A-14 QEC/ Bare Engine (P3 Orion)
  • T56-501 QEC/ Bare Engine series (L100 Hercules)
  • Adour Mk871 (BAe Hawk)
  • T56-A14 Fuel Nozzle P/N 6809611/ 23074273 (P3 Orion)
  • T56-A15 Fuel Nozzle P/N 6809618/ 6794320/ 23074274 (C-130 Hercules)
  • ALF502-R5 (BAe 146)
  • ALF507-1F (Avro RJ)
  • APUs (Complete range)
  • TPE331 (Various applications)
  • CT58 (Various applications)
  • M53-P2 (Mirage 2000)
  • RTM322 (Various applications)
  • Makila 1A1/ 1A2/ 2A/ 2B/ 1K2 (Various applications)

Aerotest’s main aim is to provide all existing and new customers with “state of the art” products and we are dedicated and enthusiastic about expanding our product range.

Ground Support Equipment

Capabilities include:

Aerotest has a proven record in the design and provision of aerospace related ground support equipment (GSE), which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Water Vapour Resistant Aero-Bags (WVR) for the preservation and storage of Quick Engine Change (QEC) and Engine Power Plants.
  • Environmentally Protective Transport & Storage Aero-Bags (EPTS) enabling various Propeller Assemblies to be stored and protected
  • Universal Transportation & Storage Trolley’s for the movement and storage of pre-assembled C130H, C130J and P3C QEC’s
  • Bespoke Instrumentation / Test Facilities/ Interface Equipment

Aerotest’s Ground Support

Expertise currently provides for the following but is not limited to:
  • T56-A-15 QEC (C-130H Hercules)
  • AE2100D3 QEC (C-130J Hercules)
  • T56-A-14 QEC (P3 Orion)
  • F110-GE-129 (Various applications)
  • F110-GE-132 (F16 Block 60/61)
  • LM2500 (Various applications)
  • F100-PW-200 (Various applications)
  • RTM322 (Various applications)
  • Makila 1A1/ 1A2/ 2A/ 2B/ 1K2 (Various applications)
  • R391 (C-130J/ LM-100J Hercules/ Alenia C27 Spartan)
  • 54H60-77 (P3 Orion)
  • 54H60-91 (C-130H Hercules)
  • 54H60-117 (C-130E-H Hercules)
  • HC- B4MP-3C (Various applications)

If you have a particular requirement please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further or complete the Customer Questionnaire download by clicking on the button above.