Aerotest glossary of products

Please find a comprehensive list of all the products Aerotest provide. Please click on the links below which will take you to the relevant website page where you can find more information about each of our products.

Test Facilities

Consultants in Aero Engine Test Facilities
Consultants in Aero Engine Test Beds

Consultants and Specialists in Aero Engine Test Facilities
Consultants and Specialists in Aero Engine Test Beds

Aero Engine Test Facility Specialists
Aero Engine Test Bed Specialists

Specialists in Aero Engine Test Facilities
Specialists in Aero Engine Test Beds

Aero Engine Test Cell Design and Support
Aero Engine Test Facility Designers
Aero Engine Test Bed Designers

Rolls Royce – T56-A-15 (C-130H Hercules)
Rolls Royce – AE2100D3 (C-130J Hercules)
Rolls Royce – T56-A-14 (P3 Orion)
Rolls Royce – 501 series (commercial)
Rolls Royce – Adour Mk871 (BAe Hawk)
Rolls Royce – Conway mk301 (VC-10)

Honeywell – ALF502-R5 (BAe 146)
Honeywell – ALF507-1F (Avro RJ)
Honeywell – APUs (full range)

Snecma – M53-P2 (Mirage 2000)

Designers in Aero Engine Test Facilities
Designers for Aero Engine Test Facilities
Designers for Aero Engine Test Cells
Designers for Engine Test Beds

Aero-Engine Testing Facilities
Aero-Engine Testing Facility
Aero-Engine Test Facilities
Aero engine Test Facility
Aero Engine Test Cells
Aero Engine Test Cell
Aero Engine Cell
Aero Engine Test Bed

Outdoor Aero-Engine Testing Facilities
Outdoor Aero-Engine Testing Facility
Outdoor Aero-Engine Test Facilities
Outdoor Aero engine Test Facility
Outdoor Aero Engine Test Cells
Outdoor Aero Engine Test Cell
Outdoor Aero Engine Cell
Outdoor Aero Engine Test Bed

Automated Aero-Engine Testing Facilities
Automated Aero-Engine Testing Facility
Automated Aero-Engine Test Facilities
Automated Aero-Engine Test Facility
Automated Aero-Engine Facilities
Automated Aero-Engine Facility
Automated Aero-Engine Test Cells
Automated Aero-Engine Test Cell
Automated Aero-Engine Test Bed

Jet Engine Testing Facilities
Jet Engine Test Facilities
Jet Engine Testing Facility
Jet Engine Test Facility
Jet Engine Test Cells
Jet Engine Test Cell
Jet Engine Test Bed

Outdoor Jet Engine Testing Facilities
Outdoor Jet Engine Test Facilities
Outdoor Jet Engine Testing Facility
Outdoor Jet Engine Test Facility
Outdoor Jet Engine Test Cells
Outdoor Jet Engine Test Cell
Outdoor Jet Engine Test Bed

Turbojet Engine Testing Facilities
Turbojet Engine Testing Facility
Turbojet Engine Test Cells
Turbojet Engine Test Cell
Turbojet Engine Test Bed

Outdoor Turbojet Engine Testing Facilities
Outdoor Turbojet Engine Testing Facility
Outdoor Turbojet Engine Test Cells
Outdoor Turbojet Engine Test Cell
Outdoor Turbojet Engine Test Bed

Turboshaft Engine Testing Facilities
Turboshaft Engine Testing Facility
Turboshaft Engine Test Cells
Turboshaft Engine Test Cell
Turboshaft Engine Test Bed

Turbofan Engine Testing Facilities
Turbofan Engine Testing Facility
Turbofan Engine Test Cells
Turbofan Engine Test Cell
Turbofan Engine Test Bed

Turboprop Engine Testing Facilities
Turboprop Engine Testing Facility
Turboprop Engine Test Cells
Turboprop Engine Test Cell
Turboprop Engine Test Bed
Turboprop Mobile Engine Test Stands
Turboprop Mobile Engine Test Stand
Turboprop Ground Based Test System
Turboprop Ground Based Testing Facilities
Turboprop Ground Based Testing Facility

APU Testing Facilities
APU Testing Facility
APU Test Facilities
APU Test Facility
APU Test Cells
APU Test Cell
APU Cell
APU Test Bed

Mobile Engine Testing Facilities
Mobile Engine Testing Facility
Mobile Engine Test Facilities
Mobile Engine Test Facility
Mobile Engine Test Cells
Mobile Engine Test Cell
Mobile Engine Test Bed
Mobile Helicopter Engine Testing Facilities
Mobile Helicopter Engine Testing Facility
Mobile Helicopter Engine Test Facilities
Mobile Helicopter Engine Test Facility

Dual Mobile Engine Testing Facility
Tri Mobile Engine Testing Facility
T56 Mobile Engine Test Facilities
T56 Mobile Engine Test Facility
T56-14 Mobile Engine Test Facilities
T56-14 Mobile Engine Test Facility
T56-15 Mobile Engine Test Facilities
T56-15 Mobile Engine Test Facility
AE2100 Mobile Engine Test Facilities
AE2100 Mobile Engine Test Facility
C130H Mobile Engine Test Facility
C130H Mobile Engine Test Cell
C130H Mobile Engine Test Bed
C130J Mobile Engine Test Facility
C130J Mobile Engine Test Cell
C130J Mobile Engine Test Bed
P3 Mobile Engine Test Facility
P3 Mobile Engine Test Cell
P3 Mobile Engine Test Bed
Bare Engine METS
T56 Bare Engine METS
T56-A14 Bare Engine METS
T56-A15 Bare Engine METS
501-D22A : Lockheed L-100
T56-A-14 : AP-3C Orion
T56-A-15 : C-130H
T56-A-14 series 3.5

Engine Test Stands
Bare Engine Test Stands

Modular Engine Testing Facilities
Modular Engine Testing Facility
Modular Engine Test Facilities
Modular Engine Test Cells
Modular Engine Test Cell
Modular Engine Test Facility
Modular Engine Test Bed

Aircraft Hush houses
Aircraft Hush house
Hush houses
Hush house

M53 Engine Testing Facilities
M53 Engine Testing Facility
M53 Engine Test Facilities
M53 Engine Test Facility
M53 Engine Test Cells
M53 Engine Test Cell
M53 Engine Cell
M53 Engine Test Bed
M53-P2 : Mirage 2000

Adour Engine Testing Facilities
Adour Engine Testing Facility
Adour Engine Test Facilities
Adour Engine Test Facility
Adour Engine Test Cells
Adour Engine Test Cell
Adour Engine Cell
Adour Engine Test Bed
Adour Engine Run-up Facilities
Adour Mk871 : BAe Hawk

ALF-502 / LF507 Engine Testing Facilities
ALF-502 / LF507 Engine Testing Facility
ALF-502 / LF507 Engine Test Facilities
ALF-502 / LF507 Engine Test Facility
ALF-502 / LF507 Engine Test Cells
ALF-502 / LF507 Engine Test Cell
ALF-502 / LF507 Engine Cell
ALF-502 / LF507 Engine Test Bed
ALF-502 / LF507 : BAe 146

Aero-Engine Run-up Facilities
Aero-Engine Run-up Facility
Aero-Engine Run-up Testing
Aero-Engine Run-up Test
Aero-Engine Run-up Test Bed

Aircraft Run-up Facilities
Aircraft Run-up Facility
Aircraft Run-up Testing
Aircraft Run-up Test
Aircraft Run-up Test Bed

Hawk Aircraft Run-up Facilities
Hawk Aircraft Run-up Facility
Hawk Aircraft Run-up Testing
Hawk Aircraft Run-up Test
Hawk Aircraft Run-up Test Bed

F404 Engine Testing Facilities
F404 Engine Testing Facility
F404 Engine Test Facilities
F404 Engine Test Facility
F404 Engine Test Cells
F404 Engine Test Cell
F404 Engine Cell
F404 Engine Test Bed
F404 : T50

GE F404 Engine Testing Facilities
GE F404 Engine Testing Facility
GE F404 Engine Test Facilities
GE F404 Engine Test Facility
GE F404 Engine Test Cells
GE F404 Engine Test Cell
GE F404 Engine Cell
GE F404 Engine Test Bed
GE F404 : T50

T50 Engine Testing Facilities
T50 Engine Testing Facility
T50 Engine Test Facilities
T50 Engine Test Facility
T50 Engine Test Cells
T50 Engine Test Cell
T50 Engine Cell
T50 Engine Test Bed

Test Facility Related

Alison T56-A14A15 Fuel Nozzle Spray Pattern Test Facility
Fuel Nozzle Spray Pattern Test Facility
Alison T56-A14A15 Air & Anti-Icing Valve Test Facility
Air & Anti-Icing Valve Test Facility

Adaptable High Speed Multi-Engine & Helicopter Production Test Systems
Hydraulic-or-Fuel-Master-Flowmeter Facility

Acoustic Control Cabin
Control Cabin
National Instruments
Instrumentation and Control
ADAQ Data Systems
CDAQ Data Systems
Data Acquisition Systems
LabVIEW Software
Facility/Engine PLCs
Programmable Logic Controllers
Bespoke Performance Analysis Software
Software Development
Engine Throttle System
Engine Adapters
Thrust Stands
Floor Mounted Thrust Stands
Roof Mounted Thrust Stands
Overhead Thrust Stands
Engine Test Stands
Fuel Systems
Surface Engineering
Shot Peening
Fuel Delivery Systems
Air Start Systems
Engine Air Start Systems
Air Intake Systems
Exhaust Systems
Calibration Services
Calibration Equipment
Follow on Support
Manufacturing Recruitment
Intercom Systems
Camera Systems
Facility Control
Air Dynamometer
Aircraft Engine Accessories Test Equipment
Throttle Control Systems

Rolls Royce
General Electric
Pratt & Whitney
Hamilton Sundstrand
Lockheed Martin

Ground Support Equipment

WVR Aero-Bag
WVR Preservation Aero-bag
Preservation Aero-bag

Water Vapour Resistant Aero-bags
Engine Water Vapour Resistant Aero-bag
Aero-Engine Water Vapour Resistant Aero-bag

Aero-Engine Preservation
Aero-Engine Preservation System
Aero-Engine Packaging System
Aero-Engine Preservation Packaging System
Aero-Engine Preservation Bag
Aerospace and Power Plant Protection Products
Aircraft Covers
Aircraft Engine Packaging
Aircraft Engine Covers
Aircraft Propeller Covers
Aircraft Engine Preservation
Aircraft Preservation

Engine Preservation Bag
Helicopter Preservation
Helicopter Engine Preservation
Protection Products for Aerospace
Storage and Preservation
Engine Storage & Preservation
Custom Designed Aerospace and Industrial Products
Custom 2D and 3D Design
Equipment Covers
Blade Covers
Shipping Bags
Engine Preservation Aero-bag

Jet Engine Preservation
Jet Engine Packaging System
Jet Engine Preservation Packaging System
Jet Engine Preservation Bag

C130 QEC
C130 QEC WVR Aero-Bag
C130 Hercules QEC WVR Aero-Bag
C130 Water Vapour Resistant Aero-bag

C130H QEC WVR Aero-Bag
C130H Hercules QEC WVR Aero-Bag
C130H Water Vapour Resistant Aero-bag

C130J QEC WVR Aero-Bag
C130J Hercules QEC WVR Aero-Bag
C130J Water Vapour Resistant Aero-bag

P3 QEC WVR Aero-Bag
P3 Orion QEC WVR Aero-Bag
P3 Orion Water Vapour Resistant Aero-bag

F15 WVR Aero-Bag
F15 Engine WVR Aero-Bag
F15 Engine Water Vapour Resistant Aero-bag

F16 WVR Aero-Bag
F16 Engine WVR Aero-Bag
F16 Engine Water Vapour Resistant Aero-bag

F100-PW-200 WVR Aero-Bag
F100-PW-200 Engine WVR Aero-Bag
F100-PW-200 Engine Water Vapour Resistant Aero-bag

RTM322 WVR Aero-Bag
RTM322 Engine WVR Aero-Bag
RTM322 Engine Water Vapour Resistant Aero-bag

Makila WVR Aero-Bag
Makila Engine WVR Aero-Bag
Makila Engine Water Vapour Resistant Aero-bag

T700 WVR Aero-Bag
T700 Engine WVR Aero-Bag
T700 Engine Water Vapour Resistant Aero-bag

Engine Module
Aero-Engine Module
Module WVR Aero-Bag
Aero-Engine Module WVR Aero-Bag
Module Water Vapour Resistant Aero-bag
Aero-Engine Module Water Vapour Resistant Aero-bag

LM2500 Gas Turbine
LM2500 Gas Turbine WVR Aero-Bag
LM2500 Gas Turbine Engine WVR Aero-Bag
LM2500 Gas Turbine Engine Water Vapour Resistant Aero-bag

EPTS Aero-bag
EPTS Aero-Propeller Bag
Environmentally Protective Transport & Storage Aero-bag
Propeller Bag
Aero-Propeller Bag

Hamilton Sundstrand 54H60-91/77/117
Dowty R391
Dowty R391 Propeller
C130J Propeller
C130J EPTS Aero-bag
C130J EPTS Aero-Propeller Bag
C130J Hercules EPTS Aero-Bag
C130J Hercules EPTS Aero-Propeller Bag

R391 Propeller
C130J R391 Propeller
C130J R391 Aero-bag
C130J R391 EPTS Aero-Propeller Bag
C130J Hercules R391 EPTS Aero-Bag
C130J Hercules R391 EPTS Aero-Propeller Bag

HC- B4MP-3C Propeller
HC- B4MP-3C WVR Aero Bag
HC- B4MP-3C Propeller WVR Aero Bag
HC- B4MP-3C Water Vapour Resistant Aero-bag

QEC Dolly
QEC Engine Dolly
Engine Dolly QEC
Engine Support Skid
QEC Engine Support Skid
QEC Transportation Fixture
Engine Transport Stand Assy
QEC Engine Transport Stand Assy
NSN 1740-99-133-9408
NSN 1740-012314826
NSN 1740-00-106-8512

Propeller Dolly
Propeller Stand
Propeller Stand Assembly
NSN 1740-01-103-9693
NSN 1740-01-454-2393
NSN 1730-01-508-6403