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Aerotest Limited have designed, developed and supplied Turnkey Multi-purpose adaptable High Speed Helicopter Engine Test Trollies and Facilities (Test Systems).

This test system provides the testing flexibility by utilising a single production test trolley for all medium size helicopter engine permutations.

Our high speed, multi-engine variant test system, designed for all marks of the GE CT58/ T700, RR Gnome, RTM 322 and  Makila demonstrate the quality, experience and flexibility of the Aerotest design.

A Turnkey Multi-purpose Engine Test Facility provides the following advantages:

  • World-class Acoustic design and noise reduction performance
  • Multi-engine capability for flexible testing solutions.
  • A safe and efficient test environment.
  • The Aerotest “state of the art” Engine Test Facility has a proven capacity to test over 500 engines per annum.
  • Proves the performance of the overhauled Turboshaft engines.
  • Turboshaft engines installed and fully tested during a ONE TIME installation.
  • “State of the Art” data acquisition system and full performance analysis software, including on-line, real time, test and digital fault diagnosis via high-speed computers and optional auto-cueing software.
  • A faster, more accurate way of repeatable and recording test data.
  • Proven application software approved by the CAA, FAA, UK MoD and many foreign military quality control authorities.

Aerotest’s main aim is to provide all our customers with the very best state of the art products and services available and is dedicated to expanding its product range for any existing or new customers.

If you have a particular requirement please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss matters further.