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Aerotest Limited have designed and developed advanced compact Mobile Engine Test Facility which offers the end user deep field servicing support for helicopter engines.

This design of facility is versatile, user friendly, safe, efficient and cost effective and provides a testing solution for the EH101/ Merlin, NH90 and Apache Helicopter platform variants.

The Mobile Engine Test Facility is designed to be configured for the RTM322, with testing solution options for the T700 CT7-8E engine variants as well.

The Test Facility comprises of the following key elements and systems:

  • Mobile Test trailer which acts as the main facility platform.
  • Removable Acoustic Control Cabin for transportation purposes by air.
  • Engine mounting and test skid.
  • Self-contained fuel package.
  • Self-contained air-start package.
  • Self-contained electrical supply using a generator which operates on all standards of NATO aviation fuel and provides 28/110/240/415 volts.

The Mobile Engine Test Facility provides the following advantages:

  • Proves the quality of the power plant.
  • Quickly deployable using any suitable ‘towing-tug’.
  • Compact, lightweight and fully mobile
  • Simple design and construction
  • Air transportable – by C130 or C17 transport
  • Can be configured to accept a variety of engine types
  • The facility operators will benefit from the cabins enhanced acoustics, console ergonomics and integrated air-conditioning system.
  • “State of the Art” data acquisition system and full performance analysis software, including on-line, real time, test and digital fault diagnosis via high-speed computers.
  • Optional auto-cueing software for a faster, more accurate way of repeatable and recording test data.
  • One self-contained facility catering for multiple aircraft platforms.
  • Prevents the aircraft being used as an expensive test facility, thus increases aircraft availability.
  • CE certified to meet current legislation and EU directives.

Aerotest’s main aim is to provide all our customers with the very best state of the art products and services available and is dedicated to expanding its product range for any existing or new customers.

If you have a particular requirement please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss matters further.