Aero Engine Test Facilities

Aerotest Limited can provide complete or partial Test Facility decommissioning service; we offer a turnkey service which includes total project management including CDM compliance, waste management and cost control with each phase being interconnected with eachother due to the nature of the work involved.

Our decommissioning service includes:

  • Aerotest act as prime contractor, fully manage and be responsible for all the works.
  • Liaising with all stakeholders to ensure timely completion of the project.
  • Site set-up.
  • Project management including responsibility for health and safety.
  • Prepare detailed site specific method statements, risk assessments and lift plans suitable for the completion of works in accordance with the requirements of current legislation, Health and Safety Executive.
  • Aerotest to supply on and offsite engineering resource.
  • Decontamination of plant and equipment.
  • Waste management including recycling and minimiSation.
  • Test Facility dismantling of structures in a safe manner.
  • Electrical / Instrumentation dismantling works.
  • Inclusion of cranes to be provided under CPA model terms with appointed persons, lift supervisors and slinger signallers.
  • Provide suitably trained and competent labour and appropriate plant to undertake the dismantling. and removal to the packing area adjacent to the site.
  • Inclusion of any required permits for hot works, such as grinding and cutting of metalwork’s.
  • Asset recovery and re-use if required.
  • Packing, strapping and loading
  • Shipping of Equipment.
  • Site removal, completion works and handover.